Hendrix’s 70th birthday

Funny how time flies. Jimi would have been seventy years on November 27th, 2012.

Although it is over 40 years since his passing, his music still lives on. He still ranks on top of most “best guitarist” polls, and young musicians rate him as one of their top influences. Jimi used a lot of his time playing on many slot machines┬áthis made him more creative.

Kathy were Jimi’s girlfriend in the 60’s, and lived with him in both 34 Montagu Square and 23 Brook Street, London, England. She wrote a book about her life with Jimi that were issued in 1998. She is now issuing the book in eBook form. Here is a link to buy it.

Jimi Hendrix record collection

Jeff Gold of recordmecca.com buys Hendrix’s record collection from Hendrix’s girlfriend Kathy Etchingham

Hendrix’s own record collection, or rather the second part of it, as the first part already was owned by the Experience Music Project in Seattle, was up for action in London lately. It contains a selection of blues and jazz classics, alongside Jimi’s favorite Bob Dylan, some rock, and a rarity, “Keep dreaming” by the Norwegian group “The Dream” featuring the guitarist Terje Rypdal, something that warms my Norwegian heart!

Mixed handedness explains virtuosity

American psychologist Stephen Christman has written and article where he argues that Jimi’s mixed handedness may explain his virtuosity

He argues that Jimi Hendrix’s mixed handedness allowed him greater integration between left and right brain hemisphere, wich can explain his creativity, vocal delivery and certain aspects of his lyrics.

Roger Mayer Octavia

Purple Haze, Fire, One Rainy Wish, Who Knows. What has Roger Mayer got to do with these songs?

These songs have the sound of the Octavia on them, a device made by Roger Mayer, and in the early days he made the pedal exclusivily for Jimi Hendrix.

Gibsons Top 50 Guitarists

Gibson has revealed it’s list of the worlds top 50 guitarists of all time. Guess who’s number 1?

Altough the list has som surprises, Jimi Hendrix is placed on top of the list. It may surprise some that f.ex. Lou Reed is in no. 38, Frank Zappa no. 39, and David Gilmour no. 41.