Hendrix’s 70th birthday

Funny how time flies. Jimi would have been seventy years on November 27th, 2012.

Although it is over 40 years since his passing, his music still lives on. He still ranks on top of most «best guitarist» polls, and young musicians rate him as one of their top influences. His death was one of those tragic deaths of the 70s.

Even listening to his live albums one can feel the force, it must have been incredible to see and hear it live. His talent was so unique that no guitarist since him has come close to make the same impact. He truly was one of a kind.

The paradox of Hendrix is that he appeared to be in total control of every aspect of playing, even when he probably wasn’t. He had the guts to let things happen that he couldn’t control, that was part of his strategy for performing. So in one perspective he was in control, he decided to let things happen, and he just played along, took advantige of what happened. It was as if the music played thru him, and the audience watched just like they would be spectators to a force of nature, a hurricane or a perfect storm. He had the gift of being able to listen to himself play, he was that good.

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