Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone FT79 Texan

This was Jimi’s London acoustic, and a guitar he composed many of his songs on. According to Noel Redding, he bought it in 1967 for a bargain $25 in New York after their first tour to the States, and brought it back to London on the plane.

Jimi and girlfriend Kathy Etchingham shared a flat with Chas Chandler in Upper Berkely Street in London, and Jimi would love to sit in the bathroom and play, beacause it was such a good sound in there.

Jimi gave the guitar to Alan Parker in March 1970. Since then Parker used it on many recordings including Dusty Springfield, the Walker Brothers, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie, among others. It was sold in 2001 for $77.000 by London actioneers Bonhams & Brooks.

Martin D-45

This is the flagship of the Martin instrument range, and was Hendrix’ US acoustic. He bought this guitar in 1968 from Manny’s Music in New York, and composed on it in his appartment in New York.

This model is part of the reintrodiction D-45 models that Martin made in the late Sixties. The D-45 was originally introduced back in 1933, custom made for country singer Gene Autrey.

Martin didn’t make left handed models before the Seventies, and there is no evidence of this guitar been restrung for lefthanded playing. It therefore seems that Hendrix played this one either upside down, fretting with his left hand as usual, but with the strings upside down, or played it right handed. Both is actually possible, as Hendrix was able to play guitar both left and right handed.

This guitar ended up with Mitch Mitchell, who later sold it to Dave Brewis, who again sold it to the Experience Music Project.

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